Kouloglou’s intervention at the EP Plenary: Trump insulted Africa as a whole as well as European values

MEP Stelios Kouloglou (GUE/NGL) called from the Plenary of the European Parliament for the EU to take a stance against the US President, Donald Trump, for calling Africa and other states «shit holes», insulting in process all people of color as well as European values.

The MEP, taking the floor during the debate on racism, said that racism is a very «current topic, as it was last week and not 500 years ago, that Donald Trump declared Africa and other countries  «shit holes». Before Stelios Kouloglou another MEP, this time EPP’s Lazlo Tokes, from Hungary, had taken the floor commenting on legislating freedom of religion in Transylvania 450 years ago, linking this event with a recent one in Romania, asking for a condemnation of «hatred speech against the ethnic minority of Hungarians in Romania, which recalled the Nazi and communistic eras».

EPP MEPs interrupted Stelios Kouloglou during his speech. He asked them why they react in this manner and if they actually in fact agree with the US President’s comments.

The SYRIZA MEP continued underlining that through his comments, Donald Trump «insulted Africa as a whole. Insulted all people of color. In effect he insulted all of us, Europeans, who believe in Democracy and Equality among all people».

«The EU must take a stance against Trump», advocated Stelios Kouloglou.

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